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Dinamo Plus Planning

Dinamo Plus Planning is an APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) / APO (Advanced Planning Optimization) software developed by Birlesik Yazilim. It provides businesses with the capability to perform finite capacity planning and advanced scheduling of operations.

  •     Finite Capacity Planning  
  •     Promise Date for an Order
  •     Effective Production Planning
  •     Detailed Scheduling
  •     Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  •     Increasing Efficiency

How Does Dinamo Plus Planning Benefit Businesses?

Dinamo Plus Planning orders jobs by using a highly variable sequencing score and delivery dates without causing any delays, minimizing the total completion time (makespan), and providing an interactive Gantt chart as output. While doing this, it schedules the jobs in detail by running an optimization that minimizes the setup times of jobs that affect the completion time. With this detailed scheduling approach, efficient use of production resources is ensured, the number of jobs in the queue is reduced, and the minimization of work-in-progress (WIP) inventory is also achieved.

In the Dinamo Plus Planning program, it is possible to determine the "transfer batch size" for jobs, enabling some precursor and subsequent operations to be carried out simultaneously along the job route. Thus, in cellular and flow-type manufacturing environments, production speed increases while setup times are minimized and WIP inventory is not created.

Dinamo Plus Planning provides the ability to reschedule in case of any deviations that may occur in jobs with distant dates in the planning horizon. Additionally, with the "Bottleneck Work Center Fixing" approach, delivery dates can be given to orders. By planning your jobs through the bottleneck work center fixing approach, a lean approach is developed that reduces WIP inventory by performing forward scheduling towards the delivery date from the bottleneck, and backward scheduling on the resources before the bottleneck. Dinamo Plus Planning performs a dynamic capacity calculation, taking into account resource-specific scheduling constraints and holiday calendars under Resource (Machines, Labor, Materials, Mold and Tools), Alternative Resource, Setup/Transition Code Transition Matrices, Job and Resource Connection/Constraint Definitions, Coloring Rules, HR Integration, Machine Maintenance Integration, Facility Definitions, and Shift Definitions. Dinamo Plus Planning enables applicable, economic, flexible, and effective planning, and can be integrated with all ERP programs and MES applications.


Can achieve the most accurate results with real data.


Can be developed according to needs.

Easy Integrated

Can work together with ERP programs.

Bottleneck Job Fixing

Can create a production plan by using Theory of Constraints (TOC) Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) to set the pace of production.


Can be customized without affecting the core software.

Dashboard Outputs

Ready-to-use dashboard outputs can be generated.

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The Transformation Has Begun!